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    How does /report work?

      Important! The exploitation of the /report command will be punished with the revocation of the report-rights.

      In oder to report a player that is playing unfair (Hacks, Trolling etc.) use the  /report command in the chat.

      You can then choose the player in the menu:


      You can also skip the menu by typing /report [Name of the player].

      The 2nd step is to choose a reason:


      Possible reasons are:

      Forcefield/Killaura (Derp/Bayblade Hacks) (Wooden sword) - Player is turning to fast, gets every hit, wiggles strangely with his head, etc. 

      Fly (Feather) - Player is flying or is gliding 

      Speed (Leather boots) - Player is moving faster than the others

      Fastplace/Fastbreak (Clay block) - Player is placing / breaking blocks too fast 

      NoKnockback (Anvil) - Player gets no knockback

      NoSlowdown (Chain boots) - Player is eating while running or aiming with a bow while running

      AutoArmor (Chain chestplate) - Player is using the best armor automatically 

      Jesus (Water bucket) - Player is walking over water

      AutoClicker (Stone button) - Player clicks faster than actually possible

      Safewalk (Slime block) - Player can't fall down while building

      Teaming (Skeleton head) - Players are making peace / crossteaming

      Other Hacks (Dirt block) - Every other hack

      Chat (Paper) - Chatlog will be saved and submitted automatically (There will be no ingame feedback)


      The /report command can just be used in ingame rounds, not in the lobby.

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